Where can I find best audio digital typing?

The rule has it that for best quality typing the digital audio format must be of best quality. The better the quality, the higher the output quality! The use of mini cassettes, dictation machines, digital recordings is designed to capture your voice.

We are the best when it comes to audio digital typing. We are a cost effective typing solution that can keep your overhead cost under control. Our developed secretarial services are one of its kinds and are accurate and quick.

Typing Global understand the requirements of the clients and work in a highly confidential environment. We can also sign the confidentiality agreement incase of dealing with sensitive information. We cater to small and medium businesses, students, authors, real estate agents, surveyors, conference companies.

We have an experienced team of transcribers that give complete attention to detail. We take pride in providing flexible and personalized services to our clients to suit your requirement.

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