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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


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Get The Best Chinese Typing Services

Are you having a hard time typing Chinese texts from one source material to another? Or do you have Chinese documents which you want to convert into an editable format? Let us help you out!

typing global leads the pack when it comes to professional Chinese typing services. We want to be your helping hands in entering and typing Chinese words from photos, scanned files, PDF documents, and any other resources you sent to us. The service fee for our Chinese typing services is pegged at budget-friendly rates of $5/page for documents without formatting. If you want document typing with formatting, you only pay $7/page.

There’s no other company in the industry today that can provide competitive pricing like what we do. As a result, more than satisfied customers rely on us for affordable Chinese typing services with great accuracy, including Chinese audio typing. Aside from this, customers who order bulk typing jobs are instantly qualified for lucrative discounts. The same is true if you have referrals or if you are a repeat customer. Your continued patronage is rewarded and appreciated by giving you an all-year round of discounts and other promotions.

We follow best practices in accordance to our ISO Standards. Our streamlined workflow is simple and easy to follow. Get to know more about our economical pricing when you request for a Free Quote. Our price point is based on pages so all small orders are definitely welcome! We don’t charge for minimum fees or other hidden charges. That is an absolute guarantee from us! Get started with our services at the minimal rate of $2.63 per page. Dialing 1-800-230-7918 will connect you for a free quote.

Chinese Document Typing Services Online

For exceptional Chinese document typing services, contact us immediately. We maintain the highest level of security and confidentiality for all our typing projects. Rest assured that your files for Chinese document typing services are encrypted using an industry-standard 128-bit encryption technology. This is further enforced by means of multiple firewalls and two-factor VPN authentication. Non-disclosure agreements are also signed at the start of every project to protect your sensitive credentials

We draw from a network of proficient typists who have excellent fluency of the Chinese language and at least 5 years of working experience with Chinese-written documents. Our typists can offer our clients with the highest quality of Chinese document typing services and they also support more than 100+ languages like Japanese, Thai, Spanish, French, and more. We offer typing services covering various locations including Mesa, New York, Houston, Phoneix, Los Angeles, and across the US, UK, Australia, and the world.


✓ Supports all file formats
✓ Provide Notarization certificate

Chinese Legal Typing Services

typing global leads the industry with its comprehensive, reliable, and professional Chinese legal typing services. With our high attention to detail and unmatched proficiency, we provide High accurate legal typing services which are required by law firms, lawyers, legal professionals and more.

Our many years of service allowed us to be well-adept with the terminologies involved in the legal profession. Because of its complexity, one should be highly capable when handling legal terms. One single misunderstood term means a disaster in the courtroom, so never trust your Chinese legal typing services to anybody else, let us do the typing for you!

Bridging Cultures: The Vital Role of Chinese Typing Services in the US

The Chinese language has played a significant role in the multicultural tapestry of the United States, with pivotal years marking its influence and integration within American society. Notably, the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act led to a surge in Chinese-speaking immigrants, enriching the US with diverse dialects and cultures. As of the latest report in 2020, over 5 million people in the US speak Chinese, representing about 1.5% of the population. This demographic is varied, comprising approximately 51% female and 49% male speakers, with a significant portion aged between 18 to 64 years, indicating a young and dynamic community. Historical milestones also include the establishment of the first Chinese-language newspaper in the US in 1854, the significant contributions of Chinese workers to the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad completed in 1869, and the recent rise in Chinese language and cultural studies programs across educational institutions. Industries ranging from technology, education, healthcare, to legal services stand to benefit immensely from Chinese typing services, catering to both the domestic and international needs of this linguistically diverse group.

The importance of Chinese typing services in the United States cannot be overstated. As the bridge between languages, these services are essential for individuals and businesses alike, facilitating communication, understanding, and collaboration. They cater to a wide range of needs, from professional documentation and academic research to personal correspondence and cultural exchange. For professionals, the accuracy and cultural sensitivity offered by Chinese typing services are crucial for navigating global markets, legal matters, and educational content. On a personal level, these services enable the Chinese-speaking diaspora to maintain connections with their heritage and foster relationships across borders. In essence, Chinese typing services are not just a linguistic tool but a means of empowering the Chinese-speaking community and enhancing cross-cultural interactions in an increasingly globalized world.


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