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Polish typing services that are reliable

Polish is the official language of Poland with 38. 5 million native speakers. It has five main dialects that are spoken differently based on the location in the country. Poland is bordered by Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Belarus. It is the 34th populous country in the world and the eight in Europe. Poland is home to 40% of the 500 biggest companies in East-Central Europe and is Europe's sixth largest economy.

With the thriving economy, businesses and individuals need to communicate effectively. With complications in penning the language, only a native speaker can provide accurate results. Impress your colleagues and clients by partnering with Typing Global for your services.


✓ Starting at $7/page
✓ Supports all file formats

Polish document typing that is time bounded

Polish document typing is a daunting task, a reason why it is unpopular to many people. Typing requires skills and experience, our typists in our Polish document typing pool have both speed and accuracy. Our team will assure that the document is on your table with ample time for our client to review it. Delight in reading a material that is error free and a replica of the original text.

Polish typing rates depends on your source material

To save on your Polish typing rates the client should have a knowledge of the source material. Knowing the number of pages and the quality will go a long way towards savings. The rates vary based on the volume and the condition of the source. You will be able to gauge the cost of your project and haggle for a price reduction or contest an exorbitant charge.

Qualified, trained typists can handle all conversion types

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Image to Text Typing

Convert JPG to Word Online

PDF to Excel

Handwriting to Word

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PDF to Word Conversion

Raw Survey Data to MS Word

Retyping Handwritten Document

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