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The complexity of Thai typing services

Thai is the official language of Thailand, also called Siamese or Central Thai with 66 million native speakers. It is the 20th most inhabited country in the world and located in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by Laos, Myanmar, and Malaysia. Its leading sectors of the economy are manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism.

Thai writing is complex. There is no universal method for Thai transcription, it is recommended that learners must master Thai script. The best option is to hire a typing agency for your business and individual communication needs. With native speakers working on your documents you can be assured that your penned material is an exact replica of the original text. Only a local can provide accurate, which Typing Global has.


✓ Starting at $7/page
✓ Supports all file formats

Thai document typing at its finest

If you want a Thai written content reworked, look for a Thai document typing with speed and accuracy. Certainly, you don’t want to be kept waiting or receive output riddled with mistakes. Connect with us for your typing need and we will match your project with someone who knows the language and an expert in the craft.

Thai typing rates that are the lowest in the market

We provide Thai typing rates that are advertised on our website with no hidden costs. Compare our rates with our competitors and you will find that ours are cheap. We don’t cut corners on our quality at all. We work tirelessly to satisfy our customers to provide them with a service that is more than their money’s worth.

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