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  • data entry
  • Starting at $1/page
  • ✓ Data Collection
  • ✓ Data Mining
  • ✓ Stastical Analysis
  • ✓ Online and offline
  • ✓ Filling in any forms
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  • transcription
  • Starting at $0.10/min
  • ✓ Verbatim transcription
  • ✓ All Languages
  • ✓ High accuracy
  • ✓ custom formatting
  • ✓ Time Stamps Included
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  • typing
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  • ✓  
    online and offline help
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    professional typist
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    handwriting typing
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    Table creation
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    free proofreading
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  • editing
  • Flat Rate $4/Page
  • ✓ custom formatting
  • ✓ view data in maps
  • ✓ academic editing
  • ✓ manuscript editing
  • ✓ On Time Delivery
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  • proofreading
  • Starting at $1/page
  • ✓ Proofreading & editing
  • ✓ phDS/Academics
  • ✓ academic Proofreading
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  • ✓ high accuracy
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Typing services In Louisville

Louisville is considered as the 30th most inhabited place in the US with a population of more than 760 thousand. By land area, it is the largest city in the state of Kentucky. There a lot of business that had set up their office in the region but shipping and cargo industries are the major contributors to the economy. It is also recognized as the center for health care, medical sciences, and the whiskey industry. It is home to six of Fortune 500 companies. With the robust economy, the city is buzzing with business activities. At the forefront is typing services in Louisville for those business correspondences that are needed to communicate with clients and colleagues. Typing Global can help you with your typing services in Louisville, benefit from our cheap rates done by professional typists.

Document Typing Services Louisville

When you hire us for our document typing services Louisville you are assured of superior quality. Experts are at work, fast with their fingers, and uses their minds while typing to complete a flawless document. We do not cut corners and always focus on quality to keep our customers happy.


✓ Supports all file formats
✓ Provide Notarization certificate

Legal Typing Services Louisville

Legal typing services Louisville is a very sensitive work, the typist should have some legal background and a meticulous mind. Any miscue might be misunderstood in a court hearing and might spell the difference in winning or losing a case. We do not leave any stones unturned when we work on this type of document, as an assurance we have this proofread by our legal experts before we submit.